Face accessory aim to help blind person get acquainted with the space

AWARE is a project done in a medical accessible course. It was done in collaboration with Nadav Gihon, a member of the school. In the process of the project we knew from the start that our topic will be blindness and will deal with how blind or visually impaired person integrates in the public sphere.


On our process, we explored the devices that help the blind get acquainted with the space from a smart walking stick to talking headsets. Further to our research, we came to realize that combining existing technologies and introducing them into one device creates the most effective device for spatial orientation.


In the design we dealt with the head area, we didn’t want it to look like glasses or headphones but we wanted to create a new device.

Our inspiration for our designed was taken from robots and science fiction movies we saw. We didn’t want it to look too much science fiction but still to reflect the future. The design is done keeping in mind battery cameras and electrical components required. The front part is white and clean and the rest of the product is dark colored and shows the mechanisms.